What does TaroAds Offer?


Welcome to the World of Modern Advertising! What Does TaroAds Offer?

AdTech has lately become a quite crowded industry. The key for that is the win-win scheme when everyone — both advertisers and publishers — benefits. If you are not familiar with the industry and just starting your journey to the world of ad buying platforms, here you’ll find the answers to your questions! 

How Do Ad Platforms Work?

Ad management platforms such as TaroAds are places where both sides meet to achieve their main goals:

  1. Advertisers (direct advertisers or ultimate brand owners, affiliate partners, representatives of Demand-Side Platform/Real-Time Bidding) distribute marketing materials and get traffic to their products and services. They receive more public attention for what they offer, which makes their business prosper.

  2. Publishers (webmasters, arbitrators, representatives of Supply-Side Platform/Real-Time Bidding) place these ads on their websites based on the traffic preferences of advertisers and earn money for users’ actions with those ads.


What’s more, users benefit from that as well. They find what they need and want. Advertising networks make that possible by connecting everyone in one place.

What Is TaroAds 's Place in This Formula?

TaroAds ad network is the platform that empowers millions of users to see businesses’ ads and helps website owners honestly earn with their usual activities. 

We are striving to bring advertising to its highest standards thanks to in-depth analysis of ad messages, traffic and its sources. We are constantly improving the technology of monitoring and optimizing advertising formats to aptly hit the target while taking care of brand safety for ad providers and exceptional efficiency for publishers.

TaroAds’s ultimate goal is to contribute to advertising innovation and develop classic ad formats for effective monetization and conversion of traffic from around the world.

Before we start, here are some statistics on the TaroAds platform’s trustworthiness:

  • 21 thousand publishers work with us,

  • 25 thousand advertisers trust us with their ads.

As for our common daily activities,

  • 2 billion daily impressions are our average result,

  • 50 thousand successful advertising campaigns are running every day.

So, let’s now consider each type of advertising for you to choose the most suitable option.

TaroAds Ad Types

We offer our partners popunder, push, in-page, and native ad options on various payment models.

Popunder Ads


This type of ad based on JavaScript has become more popular than pop-ups that used to be leaders not so long ago. The main cause of this is unhindered user access to website contents. Do you remember the times when you opened a website and a large banner with a tiny ‘X’ button appeared and blocked the contents? These are pop-ups. 

The good news is that popunder ads appear in the background, still, they are full-page banners.

These ads appear once a user enters a site or clicks a specific place in it. One can see the ad only when the active window is minimized or closed.

What are the benefits of popunder ads from the TaroAds popunder network?

  1. For advertisers:
    - We show popunders once in 24 hours by default, which means maximum conversion with minimal investments.
    - Flexible CPM (cost per mille) rates.
    - The anti-fraud system with detailed analytics provided.

  2. For publishers:
    - High profitability and the opportunity to monetize 100% of incoming traffic.
    - Parallel work with other types of advertising.
    - Compatibility with Google and popularity among large web resources.
    - Unobtrusiveness — this format doesn’t prevent users from their smooth interaction with the site.

Push Ads


Push notifications are advertising messages appearing on any user’s device even when their browser is not active. This ad format is great for those who want to get the user’s consent for receiving notifications. 

Though some advertisers consider this type a bit aggressive, it works well with large volumes and provides high CTR, depending on the preferences that can be adjusted.

What are the benefits of push ads from the TaroAds ad network?

  1. For advertisers:
    - Large volumes of traffic. Ads get more than 2 billion impressions a day!
    - The constant influx of new users.
    - Low cost of one bid. This might be the most affordable type of ad.

  2. For publishers:
    - Always high CTR (click-through rate) thanks to delivering notifications to any device.
    - Compatibility with CPA (cost per action) and RevShare (revenue share) models.
    - The “traffic back” option is available. 

In-page Ads


As we describe them at TaroAds, in-page ads are “innovative native push ads”. These messages are shown not on a device but on the website itself. This format is compatible with all platforms (even with iOS) and web browsers. Its main advantage is users’ loyalty. 

Though users don’t need to subscribe to in-page notifications, ad messages have large close buttons and only interested people click on ads.

What are the benefits of in-page ads from the TaroAds ad network platform?

  1. For advertisers:
    - Constantly changing audiences — you won’t need to often vary ad contents.
    - CTR is 25% higher than for push notifications, so you get a quarter more traffic!
    - Targeting on certain mobile operators, if you need only mobile (non-Wi-Fi) traffic.

  2. For publishers:
    - User-friendliness. Ads look native and completely fit the website UX, which guarantees good CTR.
    - Higher CPM than for other ad types.
    - Compatibility with Google. The SEO rates are not affected.

Native Ads


Native sponsored content commonly looks like custom texts and images that perfectly fit into the content and design of the resource. This is the most friendly non-aggressive format of digital advertising, as it is fully integrated with what a user wants to read about, which means high conversion and loyalty.

What are the benefits of native ads from the TaroAds ad management platform?

  1. For advertisers:
    - The optimum ratio of price and quality, which is suitable for testing new products or audiences.
    - Reliability in building loyal relationships between the audience and brands without dramatic investments.
    - Quick start and fast tune-up of professionally-looking campaigns.

  2. For publishers:
    - Customizable widgets can be placed in the most viewed parts of any page or website category.

       - Visitors’ satisfaction with naturally looking ads that won’t ever bother them.
       - Compatibility with Google. 

Key Takeaways

As you can see from our short journey to the world of modern advertising, the TaroAds ad-buying platform offers businesses the widest possible coverage with minimal investment. We are keen on selling traffic and connecting publishers with thousands of advertisers who are ready to offer the best price for every click or impression.


TaroAds controls the traffic quality and provides partners with reliable tools for campaign optimization so that you are sure that the traffic will convert and ads won’t bother website users. For your convenience, the detailed analytics on campaigns can be found in the dashboard.

  • Should you search for new opportunities for advertisers, TaroAds offers API integration, geographical traffic segmentation, white- and blacklists automation, two-minute ads moderation, retargeting options, and a great variety of ad formats.

  • Publishers can choose from 50K advertisers in the TaroAds ad network platform and different advertising models (RevShare, CPA, Fixed Price), enjoy our referral program. Everyone will be satisfied with fast and reliable daily (on request) and weekly withdrawals using eight payment methods. Also, our publishers may care about their users by selecting only friendly ads for their web resources.

If you are looking for a reliable advertising network, you’re in the right place at the right time!

Our idea is your business evolution. We know how to help your business and will find the best solutions to monetize and convert your traffic. As our slogan says, “Let’s evolve together!”

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