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Currently, many advertisers including corporation, SME, individual business… choose Facebook as an advertising channel first. Because they thought that Social media is more effective and made viral than Native banner.

It ‘s alright! But, what do think about leveraging Facebook campaign on Taroads? Let ‘s show you!

1. TaroAds gives you a soft policy

Do you have ever been account restricted/banned by Facebook? We believe it was happened. It ‘s difficult to implement advertising campaign.

Sometimes, Facebook ads are annoying and make troubles in creative policy. Let’s face it, you know why did Facebook make 

In TaroAds, we open creative rule with terms and conditions

2. Push notifications Ad

This format is compatible on many devices and gives us impressive conversion rate on almost international ad networks. We highly recommend using this format alternatively Facebook native ads.

3. Similar cost

Although with TaroAds you can deposit at least $100 to start, you’re free to spend these funds however you like.

And while on Facebook the minimum spend is $1 per day, no one says you can’t do the same on our website. 

4. Support 24/7

We supply a support team. They’re very responsive and always manage to give you the most helpful answers.

That and the fact that they only care about effectively helping you find answers for the services that you’re interested in.

You can find them by email, live chat, phone, on the blog, all over our Social Media Channels, and even on Telegram.

For more detail, please contact at the footer.

5. Many exclusive program

Become an advertiser or publisher if you are owning inventory, we always provide AWO programs for you!

Every program gives you a different promotion. Follow us on Media channel to do not miss any.

6. External tool integration

It ‘s very easy to integrate your system with TaroAds. We provided API for your information, check it here.

Beside, We are developing to integrate 3rd party into our system (For more information, please contact us).

7. It’s very easy to get started with TaroAds

All you need, to open an account with us, is to fill up the registration form, set-up your preferences, confirm your email address, and create a password.

Setting up and launching your first campaign with TaroAds is very easy. You’ll just need to choose the format, customize it, and set up your targeting, budget, and audience preferences.  


Sure, with Facebook you might be able to use some functions but you need to choose and combine to TaroAds.

And while they might have more micro-targeting settings, ad formats, optimization methods, ad placements, or broader reach; we’re also constantly working to improve our services.

Specially, we could flexibility cover both of advertiser and publisher, help you a wide network to deliver your brand, campaigns… to consistent users.

Why are you waiting, connect TaroAds now!

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